The collection

A few pieces from the collection.

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A piece from the Collection (below)

This 24cm high by 28cm diameter salt glazed stoneware ant proof lidded jar, was made by David Fensom c. 1880, at his Pottery works in Brisbane, and is impressed: ‘D. FENSOM QUEENSLAND POTTERY SOUTH BRISBANE.ʼ Water was pored into the shallow outer section at the top to prevent ants getting into the contents in the jar.

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Friends of NMAP (above)

The theme for the August Friends of NMAP meeting at the Museum was your favourite five pieces, and the five that were voted as the most desirable on display, were all made at the Bakewell Brothers Pottery in Sydney, in the mid 1930s, during the ‘Newtone Potteryʼ period, and are hand decorated, the vase on the left is signed: ‘D. V. Mertonʼ, with the vase and jug on the right and the bowl are signed: ‘Joy Yeamanʼ.

The collection is devoted to potters and potteries established between 1788 and 1920, and includes pieces from those who continued after 1920 until they closed.

We are also interested in adding further early Australian pottery pieces to the collection by gift, bequest or purchase.

If you have a piece or pieces you may wish to donate, bequeath or sell please get in touch and send photographs.

Please upload up to five (5) images, including the base: